New York based Software Engineer and writer.

My dad died 21 days ago.

It feels unreal, but inevitable.

13 years ago he called me and said he had half a year to live. When I heard that news I collapsed. I don’t remember much from that call, except screaming “no”.

He got better. He spent the last…

Social Media’s Moderation Problem

There is no question that social media faces a nearly impossible problem with content moderation. Extreme points of view and objectionable content are amplified by an algorithmically enhanced funnel faster than any team of moderators can respond.

When we cite objectionable material that thrived on a social platform, why do…

Deploying Scalable, Production-Ready Web-Services in Python 3 on Kubernetes

Python has undergone something of an evolution in the past few years. From Python 3.4 to 3.7 we have seen the introduction of asyncio, the introduction and formalization of async/await keywords, and re-investment in asyncio performance. Writing asynchronous code in Python has never been easier, more performant, or more efficient.

Sean Stewart

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